Facial Implants

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Facial implants can bring balance to your facial appearance by adding volume and shape to your features. Chin and cheek implants are commonly used to achieve beautiful facial contours with lasting results.

Dr. Joshua B. Hyman is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who performs a range of facial plastic surgery procedures, including facial implants. You can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Hyman to discuss your treatment goals and options by calling 212-517-5157.

What are Facial Implants?

Facial implants are medical devices formed from biocompatible material. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes and provide permanent results. In your consultation, you and Dr. Hyman will select implants that will enhance your facial appearance by creating natural looking contours.

Facial implants are not designed to address wrinkles, fine lines, or sagging skin. If these conditions are a concern for you, or if you want to enhance other areas of your face, Dr. Hyman may recommend an additional facial plastic surgery.

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Chin Implants

Chin implants can make a dramatic difference in facial balance. If you feel your chin is too small for your face or if your chin is recessed and lacks distinction from your neck, a chin implant can create a more proportionate and distinguished lower face.

Chin Implant Procedure

You will be given intravenous sedation or general anesthesia prior to surgery. Depending on your facial structure and desired outcome, Dr. Hyman will make an incision inside your mouth or below the chin. The implant is placed against your jawbone and under your tissue. This results in a chin that looks and feels natural. You will be able to go home within a few hours of the procedure.

Cheek Implants

Plump cheeks are a sign of youthfulness. If genetics, age, or injury has resulted in flat or sagging cheeks, cheekbone enhancement with implants can lift and fill this area.

Cheek implants are available in many sizes and shapes. Dr. Hyman is meticulous about helping you select cheek implants that complement your facial structure without looking overdone or fake. If you prefer a non-surgical, temporary increase in cheek volume, we also offer dermal filler injections.

Cheek Implant Procedure

The procedure begins with general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Dr. Hyman will make a small, discreet incision inside your mouth or under your eyelids to insert the implants. You can return home the same day.

Am I a Candidate for Facial Implants?

Chin and cheek implants require surgery, which means you need to meet some basic health and lifestyle requirements. You may be a good candidate for facial implants if you:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Do not smoke
  • Want to enhance your chin or cheeks
  • Have realistic expectations

Facial Implant Recovery

Dr. Hyman provides aftercare instructions for your incisions. You will have some swelling and tenderness in the treated area. Discomfort can be managed with medications and cold packs.

Care should be taken to protect your face from impact or abrasion during your recovery. You can typically return to work within a week of your surgery, with potential exceptions for physically demanding tasks.

Schedule your Complimentary Consultation in New York City

For the best facial implant results, you need a surgeon who understands your treatment goals. Dr. Hyman is a firm believer that no one should rush into plastic surgery. He utilizes multiple preoperative consultations to gain the information and insight he needs to meet or exceed your expectations.

If you want to enhance or rejuvenate your facial appearance, call 212-517-5157 to schedule your free consultation. We serve patients in Manhattan, New York City, and the surrounding areas.